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It is the objective of A J Balfour Associates to contribute where ever possible to adopt a responsible attitude to protecting the environment by developing innovative and sustainable design solutions.

A J Balfour Associates are committed to:

  • Collaborating fully with all members of the project team and other Stakeholders to develop and adopt best practice sustainable development
  • Specifying materials which are durable, economic and don't require significant amounts of energy to produce
  • Consider as a first option, the use of recycled materials, eg construction demolition materials, and redevelopment sites against greenfield sites, where possible.
  • Making best use of existing infrastructure before embarking on new construction
  • Eco-design solutions by the removal or reduction of any environmental impacts associated with a product or a service at the design stage - e.g. by using less materials and energy; substituting non-toxic materials for toxic materials; designing a product so that it can be disassembled at the end of its useful life and its components re-used or recycled, etc.
  • Local sourcing of labour and materials to reduce energy consumption
  • Considering the effects of movement of spoil on site and corresponding waste production and disposal.
  • Working in Partnership with suppliers, and customers to promote effective and meaningful environmental best practice
  • Adopting sustainable drainage systems, including close liaison with SEPA, Water Authorities, local community,
  • Adopting measurers to prevent pollution and adverse impact on the environment and local community
  • Training staff, suppliers and contractors to enhance awareness of environmental legislation, regulations, British Standards and Good Practice
  • Minimising waste, re-use and recycling where ever possible
  • Switching off non essential electrical equipment when not in use
  • Adopting energy efficient plant and materials
  • Balancing economic viability with environmental and social responsibility to provide lifetime design solutions
  • Developing a management system to demonstrate continual improvements in environmental and health and safety performance

A J Balfour Associates desire is to be seen to be adopting the Government definition of sustainable development
Maintenance of high and stable levels of economic growth and employment; prudent use of natural resources, social progress which recognises the needs of all people; and effective protection of the environment

and to;
meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

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