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Jargon Defns


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Jargon Bursting Definitions


Sustainability may best be defined as the "capacity for continuance into the long-term future". Anything that can go on being done on an indefinite basis is sustainable. Anything that cannot go on being done indefinitely is unsustainable.

Sustainable development is the process by which we move towards sustainability.



The compilation and evaluation of the inputs, outputs and the potential environmental impacts of a product system throughout its life cycle




The term innovation means different things to different organisations. The SIGMA Project views innovation from a number of different perspectives and has identified several key drivers of its successful implementation:

The knowledge driven organisation: where the accumulation, application and acquisition of knowledge drives the organisation and facilitates the achievement of organisational goals.
The learning organisation: where the organisation is in an almost constant state of learning, both from past successes and failures and from new techniques, technologies and management approaches. The organisation strives for improvement and enlightenment and develops new learning models for different learning situations.
Partnership and diversity: successful organisations often attribute their success to partnerships (formal and informal, business to business, and with other stakeholders), and to internal diversity (including diversity in staff expertise and knowledge or in the range of activities they undertake).
Leadership and empowerment: Innovation is often dependent on a combination of visionary leadership and the empowerment of staff (either in the creative sense of the word or in the ability of staff to make sound and well-informed decisions with a minimum of bureaucracy).
Change management: innovation may result in the need for change. Therefore the effectiveness of the change management process will directly affect the ability of the organisation to innovate.
Evolution v's Revolution: innovation often arises from an understanding of when it is appropriate to implement incremental change (evolutionary change) or when something more radical is required to move the organisation towards sustainability (a paradigm shift or revolutionary change).



Stakeholder is any: "Individual or group concerned with, or affected by, a gain or loss in natural, human, manufactured, financial or social capital (or any other impact or outcome) brought about by an organisation's activities, products or services."



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